Exploring 'The Lone, Wild Bird': A Comprehensive Guide to the Song on Gaana and YouTube

Exploring 'The Lone, Wild Bird': A Comprehensive Guide to the Song on Gaana and YouTube

The Wings of a Dove: II. The Lone, Wild Bird is a song performed by Sorores Duo in June 2023, available on Gaana and YouTube. It requires a OneLicense for projection or copying.

Song Basics

Perched atop the musical landscape, there’s a tune that I’ve grown particularly fond of lately, a feather in the cap of avian enthusiasts looking for something harmoniously heartening, “The Wings of a Dove: II. The Lone, Wild Bird.” This melody truly captures the essence of Wild Birds Unlimited Lancaster PA.

Title and Album

This melodious tribute, more affectionately known among bird enthusiasts as “The Lone, Wild Bird” finds its nest in the album ‘No Ordinary Woman! Music by Gwyneth Walker.’ An album as exceptional and engaging as an egret’s dance at dawn.

Performing Artist

The song is passionately performed by the Sorores Duo. Their performance is like an ode to the feathered denizens of the skies. Just as a nightingale’s melody enraptures the unsuspecting woodland, so does the Sorores Duo’s rendition – it bewitches and embraces, truly illustratingwhy we bird enthusiasts hold our passion so dearly.

Song Duration and Release Date

Lasting for approximately 3 minutes and 18 seconds, no longer than a sparrow’s song at sunrise, this heartening ballad took flight in June 2023. It seems to be an anthem for those of us continually captivated, spell bound even, by the enchanting charisma of birds.

From the chirping robins of New England to the screeching hawks that rule the wild skies of Lancaster, PA, melodies like “The Lone, Wild Bird” remind us of the irresistible lure of avian life. They reverberate with the spirit of the avian world, drawing us deeper into the allure of their world, illustrating why our feathered friends deserve our attention and respect.

Exploring 'The Lone, Wild Bird': A Comprehensive Guide to the Song on Gaana and YouTube

Song Accessibility and Licensing

The Lone Wild Bird is an apt metaphor for my favored theme, drawing attention to an often overlooked entity in nature, yet possessing a beauty and wonder all its own. Just like such a bird, lies the hidden charm within each song. Songs, you see, have their own habitat too, staking their claims in various platforms waiting to be discovered. Allow me then to guide you through the branches to expound more on the accessibility and licensing of songs.


Much like the feathered friends I adore, songs too have a penchant for nesting in certain spots that offer ample exposure. This song is perched on high branches, comfortably nested, ready to be downloaded at your whim. It’s isolated, yet accessible, just like The Lone Wild Bird.

Accessible Platforms

Songs bear a striking resemblance to birds in their migrations too. They flutter across platforms, finding temporary solace in every nook and cranny of the expansive digital landscape. You can tune into the melody of this song from platforms such as Gaana and HymnSite’s YouTube Channel, its chorus carried on the winds of web connectivity.

Licensing Requirement

Even as we enjoy the presence of the lone wild bird, courteous rules of our ecosystem must be observed. Our beloved song, with its beautiful melody and its powerful lyrics, too has its boundaries. To project or duplicate this song involves a OneLicense. A mark of respect for the song, akin to observing a quiet distance while admiring a wild bird in its natural habitat.

So, like a seasoned bird watcher, equip yourself with the necessary understanding of song habitats. It enriches not only your experience but also safeguards the vibrant, harmonious ecosystem of the music world in all its splendid diversity.

Exploring 'The Lone, Wild Bird': A Comprehensive Guide to the Song on Gaana and YouTube

Song Details and Authors

Just as every bird has their unique call, each song possesses its own set of details that makes it one of a kind. The melody that’s been spiralling around my mind lately is the “The Lone, Wild Bird.” Crafted by none other than Henry Richard McFayden and Marty Huagen, the genius lyricists much like bird watchers, observing and narrating the poetry of life around them. 🕊️

Song Key

Each song’s key is like a bird’s plumages, setting the tone for its flight. The song that we’re delving into is set in the harmonic realm of F key. A key that ties nicely with my early morning bird observations, singing in harmony with the new day’s dawn. 🎵

Song’s Location in Songbook

A songbook is a bird watcher’s territory, a place where one can find a myriad of musical species. “The Lone, Wild Bird” can be spotted nesting on page 2052 in the treasured songbook ‘The Faith We Sing’, much like finding a rare feathered friend deep in the wild, a thrilling moment that resonates with the thrill of locating Wild Birds Unlimited Johnson City. 📖

Song Authors

A bird wouldn’t be its magnificent self without the contribution of its creators nature and evolution. In parallel, a song, like our melodious subject, wouldn’t exist without its architects Henry Richard McFayden and Marty Huagen, who have woven this remarkable tapestry of notes together, capturing the essence of birds and nature in their work. They are like us bird watchers, admiring and acknowledging the unparalleled beauty this world possesses. 🐦

Exploring 'The Lone, Wild Bird': A Comprehensive Guide to the Song on Gaana and YouTube

Auxiliary Song Resources

The cacophony of early morning choruses that my lovely avian friends produce has something hauntingly beautiful about it. And conserving their melodies for posterity is my humble effort. That’s where PowerPoint slide format can be a tremendous resource. Yes, a slide format that incorporates the magical notes of our Wild Birds Unlimited Lansing friends. It’s available for acquisition, a tool of convenience, letting you record, organize, and share the melodic winged wonders with fellow enthusiasts.

PowerPoint Slide Format

The melodious symphony of birdsong can be translated, slide by slide, in a PowerPoint deck. As an ornithologist, I have amassed an extensive melody archive of our feathered friends at Lansing. Each slide resonates with a heartening chirp or a lifelike interpretation of birdcall rhythms, making the bird watching experience as auditory as visual. And yes, it also serves as a handy resource for bird song learners a convenient bridge connecting us humans with nature’s choir. 🐦

MIDI Music Caution

A word of caution here. While MIDIs enlist a tempting trove of bird songs, mishandling can cause auditory interference. Uninterrupted bird music can become a clamor, confusing the listener and diluting the essence of individual bird songs. Hence, I always suggest stopping the MIDI music before starting a song playback in PowerPoint. When played separately, each note stands tall in its uniqueness reminding us of the incredible diversity amongst our feathered friends. It’s an enriching experience, blending the heart of an observer and the mind of a scholar, much like the serenade of a dawn forest mixed with a methodical dissertation. A reminder that every bird, every song is distinctly special, adding unique strands to nature’s symphonic score. 🎼

Key Takeaways and Trivia

As an ardent observer of the avian world, I’ve always found an enchanting allure in the recurring theme of the lone, wild bird a pattern so perceptible in the poignant narrative encased in the melodic contours of the song, The Lone Wild Bird. A part of the album ‘No Ordinary Woman! Music by Gwyneth Walker’, this melodic tapestry is a testament to the exhilarating allure of Wild Birds Unlimited Lancaster PA.

Frequent Occurrence

Delving deeper into the lyric structure of The Lone Wild Bird, the mesmerizing image of the solitary bird in Wild Birds Unlimited Johnson City often pushes me to introspect, to fathom the unspoken complexities and untamed marvels of the avian world.

Trivia: Album and Song Title

The song has been inextricably woven into the fabric of the album ’No Ordinary Woman! Music by Gwyneth Walker’, an auditory delight that parallels the signature elation and unexpected whimsy you find in the presence of Wild Birds Unlimited Lansing. Refreshingly candid and sonorously delightful, the song applauds the intrepid spirit of The Lone Wild Bird, rightfully earning its dirge of note on the acclaimed album.

Trivia: Licensing and Song Availability

For fellow bird enthusiasts and melody collectors captivated by the elusive charm of The Lone Wild Bird, here’s some trivia that would bring a ripple of excitement this song is licensed. Yes, it’s easily accessible and available for download on various online platforms. Just like the fascinating insights behind the lives of the avian species I love exploring, the core essence of the song stems from its capacity to captivate gracing us, the listeners, with a melodious punctuation to the enigmatic tale of the lone, wild bird.

Dive with me into the alluring avian tapestry, my dear reader, where the music merges with the wonders of winged creatures, and where the understanding of nature’s feathery denizens deepens with every lyric and note.

Introducing our resident bird enthusiast, Penelope Callaghan. Penelope's fascination with birds launched from an early age when her father, an ornithologist, crafted a birdhouse for their backyard. She was immediately captivated by the colorful feathered creatures that made their home within and began to document their habits. Her passion only grew stronger over time, leading her to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Ornithology from Cornell University and further deepen her knowledge.

Penelope values intricate observation and respects the peculiarities of each bird species. She prioritizes the habits of the natural world, putting time into studying, observing, and connect with birds. Almost like a bird herself, Penelope loves rising at dawn, takes leisure strolls at the break of day, and always has a pair of binoculars handy. Often, you'll find her jotting down quick bird sightings in her dedicated notebook, a quirk she acquired as a child.

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